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Greetings and welcome to my website. As you can see this is not a fancy website, it has one simple goal. To give out information that I have found useful and probably someone else in this world will find useful. So, I find this information useful, great, I have met my goal. If you haven’t…well there are billions of other websites, I am sure you will find one of them useful.

  Finally, if your looking for a "pretty" website, well this isn't the place.  I don't have time to make it pretty I only have time to do my research and post my findings.  If you want pretty, well there are billions of other websites, just hope they have accurate information.



1.       QNAP TS-470 – I bought and upgraded a QNAP TS-470 to meet the needs of my business.

            a.      You can read about my goals here.

            b.     Why did I upgrade?

            c.      You can see the testing I did before I did the upgrade here

.           d.     You can see how I upgraded the TS-470 from the basic model to what some have dubbed the Ultimate model, however I would argue more like the “best for security and performance“ model.


2.      Albion Online Information

 a.  Creating a Guild Storage Island


3.      Cell Phone Cases and Where to Buy Them

 a.  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3