Creating a Storage Guild Island



First let’s go over the why you would want to create a guild storage island. 

 1.     If you accumulate stuff you need a place to put it. 

 2.     If you do any kind of farming or gathering you need lots of weight for storage

 3.     If you are maxing out your character for different roles (tank, different dps, healing) then you will need many different areas to store the different types of gear. 

 4.     A regular island with your character requires premium a guild island requires no premium.

 5.     A regular island is very in-efficient to use since houses can only hold 14 chests.  If you have to go house to house to house to find your gear you waste a lot of time.

 6.     A guild hall can hold 70 chests.

 7.     With a guild island you get one free guild vault tab which can store 1,000,000 KG and has 480 slots.  whereasa T5 chest can store 24,000 KG and has 64 slots.  That means a guild tab equals 41-t5 chests in weight.  You can create several Guild Tabs.

 8.     If you run multiple characters or even only 1 character you get a private bank tab that allows you to store non-tradeable items, instead of having to store them in a city chest.

 9.     If you have multiple characters that share silver a guild storage island is a great place to place a smelter to share the silver between your characters.


How do I create a guild storage island?


 1.     Create a free character.  You don’t want to host the guild island on your main character because that would require you to leave our guild and create your own guild.  You also don’t want to host the guild island on any character you plan on developing because you may want to join those to our main guild or alt guild.  It is BEST to create a free character that you use as a place holder for the guild storage island.   It is also best to use a separate account (different e-mail).  This allows you to log in to that account and your main account in certain situations which makes life easier.  Also if you plan on creating other guild islands for laborers you can create those characters on the new e-mail account.  If your goal is to have more regular islands for farming then you can also put premium on the character and then purchase a regular island but remember to create a guild storage island premium IS NOT required.

 2.     Once you have gone through the tutorial have character travel to where you want the guild storage island.

 3.     You will need 225,000 silver on the character so there are multiple ways of doing that.  Since the character does not have premium you can’t launch a client and login in with the character and then launch a second client on the same computer.  If you have a tablet or phone that can run albion(and you followed my advice of using a new e-mail for the guild storage island character) then you can login on your phone for the new character and then login on your computer with your character that has silver and trade the 225k over.  You can also hand 225k to someone in the guild who happens to be logged in and then they can trade it back to your non-premium character.  You can buy some luxury goods on the market and then login with your new character and have them sell them.  You can have your new character grab some stuff from your current chests and have them sell it.

 4.     Once your new character has 225k silver then create your guild.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you name your new guild 000<guildname>000, why?  This will cause it to sort to the top of your favorites list.  As you expand and make friends etc you will add different guild island to your favorites list.  As people join our alliance you may want to add their guild islands to your favorites list.  IF YOU PLAN ON USING LABORERS you will be creating several guild islands and you always what your guild storage island to be at the top of your list.  Putting 000 will ensure it will be in the main screen when you click on the island travel guy.

 5.     Once your guild is create then transfer the 125k silver to your guild by opening the guild tab and clicking on the coin tab on the right and deposit the 125k. 

 6.    Go to the island purchase gal in the city where you want your storage island and then purchase a guild island.

 7.     Once the island is create travel to it and make all your characters co-owners of the guild island.

 8.     Go to the vault in the front of the island and create a GUILD tab (not personal), the first tab is free.  Make all your characters co-owners on that tab.

 9.     Login to your main character and go to the guild island (don’t forget to set it as a favorite) and bring materials to create you guild hall (900 stone blocks for each level plus some rough stone and rough logs) and ONLY build it to T5 as chests only go up to T5.

 10.  Craft as many t5 chests as you need and lay them out in the guild hall. Remember to set all your characters as co-owners on the chests.  (Remember you can copy and paste perms)

  a.     When placing chests you can place a row in the center and if you have the guild hall set as your home when you die and respawn you will  respawn in the middle of those chests and can regear quickly and get out to fight another battle.

 11.  You can transfer some more silver to your guild storage island character to do the following:

  a.     Create a few more tabs.  The first 2 or 3 are really cheap and the tabs are really usefull so create them.

  b.     You can expand the island one more level which gives you more building plots.  You can create a smelter on the island (t2 only) and then  the current “owner” of the smelter can deposit silver into the smelter and then any of your characters that are co-owners of the guild  storageisland can then “claim” the smelter and remove silver.  This is how I transfer silver to all my characters.  You then will have a  central silver bank for all your characters.


Here is a tour of my guild storage island: